14 November 2008

Heavy Metal Iran

With tunes like this, Iran is not alone

Presently, the religious fanatics continue their reign in Iran, despite their oil-based economy collapsing. Even the promise of Obamamania isn't enough to convince the powers that be in Iran to become more moderate. But, like any oppressive regime throughout history, there is hope that the people will throw off the shackles of their tormentors in a fit of V-guitar solo rage. People living under the Soviet regime were clamoring for blue jeans and Michael Jackson around the time it fell apart, and now some Persians seem to have caught the metal bug. From Coilhouse (by way of Reason):
The music seems to find a way to get out. Iran’s regime is among the most repressive, forcibly cutting metal fan’s hair and crushing concerts outright. So the bands take it online, like this particularly raw piece from Arthimoth...It is also a reminder that alternative cultures have no borders, and that globalization doesn’t move in just one direction. Thirty years from now, metalheads worldwide may remember a day when a faltering genre was revived by powerful new influences. When it comes to the human need to be moved by song or cry out in rage, there is no They.
I'm liking these Arthimoth guys already, mostly because it's cool to hear cookie monster lyrics, and you have to respect their dedication to the cause amidst adversity like Acrassicauda in Baghdad. So do your humanitarian duty for our oppressed brothers and sisters in Iran: stop downloading wussy Jack Johnson iTunes and pick up some Dragonforce and Hammerfall to help spread the metal militia worldwide.

Bonus: There's been scholarly research done on this subject as well.