17 November 2008

Jonn Lilyea, NSA Spook, Hassles Protesters

The number of bumper stickers on your car is directly proportional to how much "teh crazy" you can bring

While the anti-Prop 8 protests were mostly peaceful yesterday in my neck of the woods (a boon for those of us who would like to see equal rights for the LGBT community), Jonn Lilyea of This Ain't Hell shows us that our fellow veterans are doing their bestest to give us a bad name. Veterans for Peace have chosen to "occupy" the National Archives Building (home to our beloved Constitution and Declaration of Independence) to drum up support for arresting BushMcCheney. In this video, Jonn is accused of working for the "NSA", and there's shots of a hippie-mobile that still has an "Impeach Nixon" bumper sticker, despite the fact that former president Richard Nixon has been dead for over a decade. This would all be completely hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that one of the motivations by milbloggers is to give a bettter public image of veterans. These yahoos certainly aren't helping matters.