10 November 2008

Obama to Hire Economic Advisor to Ruin America Like She Did Michigan

Everywhere in the U.S.A. To Now Look Like Detroit

Once upon a time, Detroit was a great metropolitan where people flocked to work in the auto factories that provided a decent wage and quality of life. Of course, that was before imbecile politicians like Gov. Granholm (and other union stooges who bankrupted the Big Three) began sending businesses fleeing to the hills with ridiculous tax policies to give away free iPods to students, thereby ensuring they bought the vote with someone else's cash. Since money doesn't grow on trees, the Michigan state government is now begging the feds for a bailout to disguise their gross incompetence.

If this were any kind of a country, Gov. Granholm would have to flee to nearby Canada, but instead she is getting rewarded with a seat on The Obama's economic transition team. From the Detroit Free Press (h/t Moonbattery):
Gov. Jennifer Granholm and former U.S. Rep. David Bonior will serve on a panel of financial luminaries and corporate experts advising President-elect Barack Obama on the nation’s hard-bitten economy, ensuring Michigan, its troubled auto industry and labor has a seat at the table.
Michigan, and its once proud city of Detroit, have been a sad model for what happens when you have high-taxes, high-regulation, political corruption, and handing out free goodies like health care without any concerns for unintended consequences. I suppose Obama is trying to emulate this greatness for the rest of the country.

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