25 November 2008

Shaq's Week-Long Twitter Session

Shaq started Twittering last week when he found out a phony Shaq was on the loose besmirching his good name. The modern day Renaissance Man continues to prove that he is the jack of all trades in one-line Twitter format.

Shaq the Comedian: Im wearing a jacket dat says 1946, a lady asked me wat it means, i replied, mam its the yr i was born. Lol

Shaq the Philanthropist: I called my main man figs son bcuz da xcellence of a gift lies n its approiateness ratha than its value

Shaq the Muckraker: Does anyone have the names of the 14 people bush gave pardons

Shaq the Criminal Justice Expert: Detective oneal does not jordan vander sloots story about what happened to natalee

Shaq the Chiropractor: I get my neck cracked b4 everygame, today i felt a xtra clikadee clak

Shaq the Spartan: On my way 2 da arena. I feel like the main charachter n da movie 300

At least Shaq is not going to get slapped for being a smug and elitist web personality. He responds to a lot of his Twitter followers, and with that same one-line wit like "@phoenixsunsgirl i'm a vampire i neva sleep shaqula". Well, it's a lot more insightful than that stupid McCain/Obama staff Twitter debate.