28 November 2008

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer: Barry Manilow + Teh 80s

Now that you've finished gorging yourself on Grandma's stuffing, it's time to start thinking mindless consumerism to reboot our shitty economy. One album that's fun for the whole fam is Barry Manilow's 80s CD, which is running commercials every 3 fucking minutes during my TV time. In response to Rick-Rolling going mainstream, Manilow takes on Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". He also sings "Careless Whisper", a karoke favorite amongst drunk sailors for reasons beyond my comprehension, and he promises to butcher "I Just Called to Say I Love You". If Stevie Wonder weren't blind, I'm sure he show some Motown attitude and punch Barry right in his goofy face. Why the hell is Manilow-mania sweeping the nation anyways? Did I miss something?

Godzilla-sized Manilow Terrorizes The Hilton in Vegas


Anonymous said...

FYI - Barry sings at the Paris Las Veags now. Tonight is his first new opening show there. The NEW CD is ' BARRY MANILOW The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time'. Another new one will be out by Summer, called, '15 Minutes'. His OWN original music.