21 November 2008

Vengeance is Ours: Possible Culprit of SSGT Maupin Murder-Abudction Killed

Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin was abducted and murdered doing convoy operations near Baghdad International Airport in 2004. He was declared in "missing-captured" status until 2008 when his remains were found. But today brought some news that one of his possible captors, an AQI operative, has been killed in the Mansour neighborhood in west Baghdad. From CSM:

An Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader believed by US officials to be responsible for one of the most notorious attacks on US soldiers was killed during American military operations earlier this month, military officials said Thursday.

Hajji Hammadi, the regional Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) leader, was shot dead by US forces in a raid in the upscale Mansour district of Baghdad on Nov. 11, according to US military spokesman Brig. Gen. David Perkins.
While this probably doesn't provide much solace for his family, it is nice to know that justice was served.