11 November 2008

Veterans Day...Today!

Nothing much to say that hasn't already been said, but did you notice that even Teh Google gave a shout out to veterans after notably neglecting Memorial Day the past 3 years. Nice.

IAVA has a new website and accompanying 30 second advertisement to encourage veterans to have an easier transition into civilian life. The cultural differences between civilian and military are vast, and it's not like previous wars where there was a large number of vets to hold serious cultural influence. So this has become a bit of a problem, especially with a shit economy that is unforgiving towards people without perceived "real world" experience. The new GI Bill that will be implemented (in'shallah) by August 2009 shows some promise though, and I always encourage sailors getting out to go to college to open their minds or to one of the trade schools if that's not their thing. An interesting group to be part of, and I hope to see great things from them in the future.