05 November 2008

Vets Sound Off on Obama as CinC

Interesting round up of what people in the military (or who served in the military) have to say about Obama as the Commander-in-Chief. A bit more diverse in political commentary than the stereotype that we're staunch repubs:

A Soldier's Perspective: The fact of the matter is that whether we like it or not, Barack Hussein Obama will be this nation's 44th President of the United States. Like Bush before him, he deserves the respect that the office commands. The fact that Obama has won an office that only 43 people before him have ever held is an achievement that we must recognize.

The Sniper: I don’t like you because I don’t trust you. I think you’re a socialist, I think you’re a media whore, I think you’re a flash in the pan… but you won. So congratulations… you now own the most powerful office in the world. Everyone in the world is looking at you as an example of America and more importantly, an example of an African-American. Little black kids across America are lloking up to you. Try not to eff it up.

Tough Girl 101: Obama is President and America will not crumble beneath our feet. Fire will not reign down from the sky. America tomorrow will be very similar to what it was today and any economic disasters that happen next month, next year, the next four years are likely to be just another part of the natural cycle of the economy. On that same token, GW isn't solely to blame for the current state of the economy either.

GI Kate: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! I'm excited, I'm nervous, I don't believe it yet...I might cry (tears of joy.) My friend just called me. I answered the phone, "I know!!" Then we just started screaming.

Blackfive: I see that John McCain has called Senator Obama -- now President-elect Obama -- to concede defeat. Our country has made a horrible mistake; that much is clear. We will raise taxes in a recession, and cut military spending during a war.

Jarhead Online: I guess I didn’t get my information out quick enough. Now just like the girl who gets sweet talked and bought with a couple drinks and a flashy smile we are going to get screwed.

No Angst Zone: There won't be rioting in the streets, there won't be endless lawsuits, and there will be an orderly transition of power. Far be it from me to suggest that certain elements of our society may be predisposed toward these actions (it was, after all, a Republican who sued in 2000), but it would behoove all of us to remember and be thankful of these facts. And while you're at it, help certain fellow citizens off their knees; it's been a long campaign and I think they need a break before the inauguration.

Me: While I am deeply disturbed by the fact that America picked this guy as prez, it's a historic moment that we have a black president after our shameful past of racial violence. And even though I think his policies are going to be a complete disaster, I hope that he can turn things around in Afghanistan and finish our military involvement in Iraq. In other words, America First, Obacalypse second.