04 November 2008

Vote, Stupid!

It's Gonna Get Ugly

In case you hadn't heard, there's an election tomorrow or something. So don't forget to exercise your right to write-in crazy people and dead celebrities for the local offices no one cares about like County Judicial Treasurer. And don't forget to vote for who will lead America into it's inevitable malaise. If you're a low information voter, remember that even though Obama had the cheeky Barack O'Bollywood video and McCain was endorsed by McBain, Bob Barr got to meet Borat. The Borat! Too bad it's not 2006, that would have given him a serious bump.

Anyways, the voiced in my head are saying the election is a pretty big deal, so here's the same song I listened to before final exams in college and before going out to sea. It's The Final Countdown by Europe, and since the band is named after a geographic location (like Boston, Kansas, Chicago, and Asia) it has to be good. Also the mullets are epic:

Subrookie wanted a thread to leave comments as he fights off the Hope and Change hordes storming his domicile in Seattle. Hang in there, bro, it's going to be a rough few years!