06 November 2008

World's Troublemakers Weigh in on Obama

Iraqpundit writes that many of our allies are pleased with the selection of Obama as President. This is good news, as America's standing in the world needs some serious repair in light of recent worldwide opinion polls. But what about the quasi-dictator hooligans who continue to oppress their suffering people? Iran says Obama must stop the "war mongering", Chavez hopes he can meet the president select on "equal and respectful terms", and Al-Qaeda thugs in the online forums said "Today America elected Obama because al-Qaeda wanted it, after God desired it! In 2004 America elected Bush because al-Qaeda had wanted it, after God desired it!". Ho-hum. This is normal and silly chatter from the usual rabble, but another questionable regime appears to have taken action. The apparatchiks at Pravda wrote a glowing review of Obama in yesterday's edition:

Those of us in the international community who predicted eight long years ago what would happen if Bush were elected must do two things. First, never forget the damage done by George W. Bush and his minions of evil and make sure that, like the generations after Hitler, history does not pardon these criminals as well-meaning politicians who were the victims of tough times. Secondly, we must give Barack Obama a blank page to write on, and hand him the pen with a sincere and open smile.

Welcome back, people of the United States, welcome back into the fold of the international community, where you will find friends and not foes, where you will find we all prefer to smile and not to cry and that when we do cry, our tears taste of salt just like yours do, whether we are pink, blue, white, yellow or black.
Sounds like kind words from our sometimes friends across the pond. Unfortunately, President Medvedev decided to deploy the nuclear-capable Iskander missiles today in an attempt to spook the incoming Obama administration. The President then prattled on about the U.S. being the architect behind the global financial crisis. The Telegraph reports that some Russian media delved into the ridiculous:
Several tabloids incorrectly reported that the main message of Mr Obama's final campaign speech was a call on young African Americans not to let their underpants show above the waistline of the jeans.
Jeez. It's like these guys want to go back to the good old days of the cold war, replete with shoe-banging and thermo-nuclear annihilation. Despite a resurgence in classic movies like Matthew Broderick's War Games, our country doesn't need this headache while we are already engaged in a difficult fight against Islamic extremism.

Joe Biden originally gave us six months before Obama would face a serious crisis. President elect Obama didn't even get 24 hours before Russia started puffing it's chest Soda Popinski-style. Please have a plan, Mr. Obama.
Russian President Trying to Act Tough