07 December 2008

21st Century UW Campus is Looking Like Early 90s PCU

Jeremy Piven Fitting in On Campus

Does anyone remember the 1993 movie PCU? It concisely summarized the attitude on college campuses during the politically correct 90s where thought crimes like not spelling "womyn" with the "y" and eating meat on Thanksgiving were met with the obligatory protest and you being labeled as an imperialist monster. People had to walk on egg shells to not indirectly offend every ethno-cultural groups since the history of civilization. And, just having a conversation with the approved "sensitivity" proved exceedingly difficult. Jeremy Piven has a good monologue in the movie where he says people need to drop the act and just go get drunk and laid (in that order).

9/11 changed the campus landscape, where causes like the plight of the Spotted Gecko Toad were temporarily put on the backburner due to more pressing issues, but a look at UW shows that we've degenerated back to the bad old days. A student, John Fay, penned an editorial in the school newspaper against gay marriage, which some may deem offensive. Not a problem, since offensive publications are the norm in our internet-driven culture, and you can always not read the article. But, an angry mob is making unclear demands and seems to just be protesting because they feel it's the right thing to do [Seattle P-I]:
The rally organizers wrote on Facebook that they're not trying to slam the paper as a whole -- they just don't like the contents of the opinion piece:

"This group is not against the paper. This group is against language that divides and language that is used to spread bigotry and hate. We have respect for the Daily and what its intended purpose is. It's purpose is to educate. Let's educate."

Seriously people, it's just an article. Being perpetually outraged at everyone else's opinions that you don't share is going to prevent you from having a good time that is an important part of being an undergrad.