17 December 2008

Blag Still Gets to Name Obama's Senate Seat

Zombie Capone Said to Be In The Running For the Senate

Despite some very serious evidence against Hot Rod and his corrupt ways, the Illinois state legislature failed to strip his powers to name Obama's successor in the Senate. Sure, he might still get impeached before being hauled off to federal prison, but proceedings to boot the guy with the "fucking valuable thing" might take forever. From Bloomberg:
Blagojevich, 52, has resisted demands he resign since his Dec. 9 arrest by the FBI and accusations he tried to auction Obama’s seat for personal gain and intimidate the Chicago Tribune newspaper into firing editorial writers. Republicans said Democrats, who hold a 67-51 majority in the chamber, seek to avoid a loss of the seat to the GOP in a special election.

“Shame on you,” Representative William Black, deputy leader of Republicans in the House, shouted during a debate in the state capitol building in Springfield. “We had an opportunity to limit the power of this governor and you refused.”

Democrats in the House met yesterday and aired “differences of opinion on the best way to proceed” with a special election for Obama’s seat, Brown said. The differences could not be overcome so a vote on taking the decision away from Blagojevich was “deferred for now,” he said.
Is Illinois politics such a cesspool that people would cling to party loyalties rather than do the right thing amidst tremendous public and media pressure? Makes you wonder about Obama's new pick for Education Secretary. And you thought DC was a swamp.