05 December 2008

Celebrate 75 Years of Getting Legally Tanked

Consider a Holiday Theme For Your Friday Pub Crawl

75 years ago this day, Congress ratified the 21st Amendment, which repealed the odious nationwide Prohibition in our country. Thanks to the co-owner of Doyle's Public House in Tacoma for reminding us of this extremely important day, and it's very convenient that the holiday falls on a Friday, showing that there might still be a God. Modern Drunkard provides 10 reasons why booze is great, and #3 applies to all of us poindexters spending too much time reading blogs:
It unites the tribe:Thanks to TV, the Internet, cell phones, telecommuting, pharmaceuticals and video games, the average person presently spends more time physically alone than in any other era in human history. It’s an irony of the times—technology brought us out of the caves and into the cities and now it’s leading us back to the caves. We’ve been reduced to hermits shouting at one another from digital windows.

Which is no way to go through life, if you ask me. Communicating with a fellow human through fiber optics and satellite signals may be convenient, but it’s a sorry substitute for face-to-face contact.

There is nothing like alcohol to get you out of your cave and into the crowd. A handful of drinks and you suddenly feel the world could well benefit from your exalted presence. It makes you want to seek out human companionship, and once found, it sheds the veils behind which we hide. Put 20 strangers in a room and serve them water, and you’ll get some strained conversation at best. Give them booze and you’ve got yourself a party. Unrestrained laughter breaks the surface tension, friendships are formed, romance is sparked.

You’ll eventually return to your cave, to be sure, but perhaps you’ll bring someone back with you.
Here's hoping your weekend brings new strangers back to your cave-dwelling.