30 December 2008

Gun Buy-Back Program Goes Over Like a Lead Balloon in Denver

With the imminent collapse of society, firearms have been selling faster than Hannah Montana twat shots. So a program to buy people's guns back for a lousy 50 bucks predictably went down in flames. From the Denver Post (h/t Moonbattery):

Organizers of a supposed gun buy-back had dozens of people lining up to turn in their weapons, although only 15 were collected today for the Denver Police Department to destroy and melt down.

Held at New Covenant Christian Church in Denver to raise awareness about gun violence, the gun buy-back turned into a gun give-back event when the program could not afford to pay $50 as initially advertised.

The Rev. Reginald Holmes, a pastor at the church, said about 40 people with a total of 120 guns showed up but were turned off to the idea of just donating their guns.

"It's a tough economy, people want an incentive," Holmes said.

Denver Million Family March Organization leader Alvertis Simmons said a lack of response and support from the community has been an "appalling silence."
Sorry Ms. Simmons, but the only "appalling silence" would be a jam on your AR-15 when zombies were breaking down the door. Firearms and what you learned from the Road Warrior might be the only thing saving your ass when civil society falls apart. Just ask a Korean businessman in Los Angeles who was around in 1992.

This is an example of a touchy-feely social engineering program designed to sound good but is highly impractical, which Colorado has a history of. During the DNC this year, they had a carbon-offset program for attendees which raised a whopping $18.34 for a busted wind turbine. I see the Good Idea fairy is not just limited to staff officers in the military.


Darren M said...

Hanna Montana Twat Shots? Where did you get those, LT?

Mike H said...

I fully support these gun buy back programs.

Why just a few years back I found a rusted .38 and a junked .22 long rifle in my uncles garage and asked if I could have it. After hearing about a gun buy back program in Oak Park Illinois where they were giving out $150 gift certificates to Target or Wal-Mart for each firearm turned in, I promptly did my civic duty, turned my weapons of mass destruction in and used the proceeds to buy a brand new Remington 870 at Wall-Mart.

Thank goodness for liberal feel good programs that can be easily exploited by jerkls like me!

LT Nixon said...

A good way to update your arsenal Mike, my hat's off to ya!

Shea said...

seems kind of cheap to me, 50 bucks, my water guns worth more than that