23 December 2008

Haloscan Purged

Sorry, I had to kill the haloscan comments due to significant problems many readers were having. I apologize if your comments were deleted.


Darren M said...

That fucking Haloscan sucked. I had many a witty comment I wanted to post, but couldn't get in.

VChip said...

all your base are belong to us.

LT Nixon said...

Just don't say I never did anything for you guys. That html template took me over 2 hours to fuck with after all the shit Haloscan had embedded in there.

gage said...

You scrubbed my post?! Okay, here's revenge. I hope you get this stuck in your head for two weeks, LT Nixon! You're gonna love this:


tankerbabe said...

Well THAT explains why you didn't respond to my propoasal of marriage! Whew! I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

Tankerbabe -- Maybe he didn't want to accept too quick. You know men, playing hard to get.

How've you been?


tankerbabe said...

Doing good. How 'bout you?

And as for the proposal....he's afraid of me. No problem. He probably should be. LOL!

Merry Christmas

Khris Loux said...


You may want to try JS-Kit Comments. We support avatars, photos, YouTube video, reader profiles, FaceBook login, etc.

We recently bought Haloscan and are moving all of the sites to the new system.

You can get it directly, here:


No login, no registration, no ads :)

Email me if you need help khris [at] js-kit.com