13 December 2008

India Out For Blood

In the wake of the grisly terror attacks that shut down the massive city Mumbai, India's parliament is crossing the political divide to more aggressively to combat extremism. From the Times of India:

Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution promising to all it could to combat terrorism and expressing condolence for the dead and solidarity with survivors, both Houses also named terrorist elements from Pakistan and said that despite being a banned organisation, the Lashkar-e-Taiba was operating from that country. The resolution said attacks on Mumbai were linked to other hostile acts emanating from Pakistan like the suicide bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul.
More at The Moderate Voice that suggests previous U.S. aid to Pakistan under Musharraf might have soured relations. I don't think the U.S. is to blame for every atrocity worldwide, but we would be wise to tread carefully when conducting diplomacy in Central Asia. Will Hillary blow it?

Reason's Shihka Dalmia advocates for looser gun laws in India so that the average citizens can put the kaibash on these grave atrocities. From The Wall Street Journal:
They should also demand reform of the country's draconian gun laws -- a holdover from British times -- that prevent them from defending themselves. That would surely deliver far quicker results than waiting for India's slow-moving political classes to plug the vast lacunae in the country's security apparatus.
9/11 put the skids on the gun-control wanks in our country for a short time, and one only needs to look to Israel (where people are packing heat all the time) to suggest that a well-armed citizenry has some deterrent effect to extremism.