15 December 2008

The Problem That Wasn't There: Neo-Nazis in the Military

Sherlock Holmes Blogger Turns Up Jack and Shit

Today's moran is David Neiwart of Crooks and Liars, who has a detailed post about how many returning veterans are going to morph into modern-day Timothy McVeighs to wreak havoc on America. Not sure where to begin on how the military is a non-racist institution, since it's been integrated for a very long time (courtesy of Prez Truman). Honestly, we don't even think about it anymore. I've met a lot of different people during my time in service and I've met some pretty strange dudes, but none of them have been neo-nazis.

Being accused of just "not liking brown people" is a very serious offense by DoD policy, and can get you suitcase-tossed out (as the clowns at Stormfront whine about). And, in true military fashion, there's an entire acronymn'd program (EEO) dedicated to investigating racist complaints. They check for gang tattoos while in-processing into the military, and I have some not-so-fond memories of standing around in a room with a bunch of dudes in their undies, while a cadre of MEPS personnel checked us head to toe.

As for Timothy McVeigh, his beef was over Waco, which most youngsters probably think is an Xbox 360 game. And strained race-relations the LA riots wrought in the early 90s...most youngsters probably don't remember those either. But, Mr. Neiwart laments it could all come home to roost during an Obama administration:
In our current situation, these veterans not only will have served with neo-Nazis amid their ranks, they will likely be faced with unemployment and a wrecked economy, eager for someone to blame and fully trained and capable of violent action.
I suspect this has to do more with the Alinksy-stlye tactic for liberals to demonize their conservative opposition and has little to do with what's really going on, as he has a theme of calling people he doesn't like racists. Sucks the military had to get caught up in this punditry. I'm sure he'll apply the same rigor in finding out who torched Sarah Palin's church! And if he can call all politically-minded soldiers he doesn't agree with "Timothy McVeigh", I get to call all long hair liberals "Charles Manson". It's only fair.