17 December 2008

Real Life Monorail Breaks...Again!

Like the famed Simpsons episode, the Seattle monorail is a major P.O.S. Not only does the line only have two stops (which you can walk between in ~20 minutes), but riding this taxpayer funded abomination can get you stranded out in the cold. Seattle PI reports:

The red Seattle Center Monorail train was stuck on a track Tuesday, a day after about 15 people had to be rescued from the same train because of an emergency brake malfunction.
The link has a decent rundown of Monorail mishaps in recent years (there are many).

Seattle is the birthplace of grunge, the bad weather keeps the geezers away, and nerdy Microsoft billionaires spend billions on urban development to distract the masses. There is no reason that Seattle can't be the bestest city on the planet, but it badly needs a decent mass transit system to compete. There is light rail in the works, but it has been stalled due to NIMBY types, and the mayor seems more interested in denying citizens their second amendment rights.