23 January 2009

Deep Thoughts After 4 Beers: What if Powell Would Have Been President?

Interesting documentary on the History Channel about the Eisenhower administration, and something I just learned for the first time was that Ike didn't even want to run for Prez initially. From his bio:

Although he had previously rejected numerous overtures from members of both parties to run for the presidency, Eisenhower yielded to the appeal of liberal Republicans in 1952.
This sounds a lot like Gen. Powell in 1996, which Helium has a good bio on:
In 1993 Conservative America issued a genuine call to duty to Colin Powell, one-time Reagan National Security Adviser and George H. W. Bush's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was, after all, the first military leader in forty years to be seriously considered by both Republicans and Democrats as a candidate for President of the United States. Favorably compared to President Eisenhower, Powell's personal popularity transcended all political and cultural bounds.
The article goes on to hypothesize that Powell didn't run because he feared the scrutiny of being not white, but Obama's huge win shows that race isn't necessarily a barrier to the executive branch in America. Imagine what America would be like today if we had a moderate with proven leadership to make decisions in a world of post-Cold War threats? Obviously, Powell sealed his political fate with his famous speech to the U.N. about WMDs in Iraq, which he later called "the lowest point in my life", so don't expect him to come back to power anytime soon.

I imagine that America would be much stronger nowadays, but I guess I just like to dream up weird scenarios. That's probably why Philip K. Dick's book The Man in the High Castle is one of my faves, because it's about an alternate world where the Nazis and Japanese won the war and occupy America. It's odd how small events can have huge ramifications on the future. I suppose why you shouldn't step on a butterfly if you travel back in time.


subrookie said...

I would have voted for him. I'd take his WMD speech over Rev. Wright's "God Damn America" speech any day. At least Powell admits he shouldn't have given that speech. Obama wants to think we all believe he went to a church for 20 years and didn't hear that hate speech. I'm still not willing to believe the caravan of vehicles headed for Syria before the start of the war didn't hold some secret Saddam project, but I do know what Jeremia Wright said.

I disagree with Powell's endorsement of Obama, but couldn't respect the man more. I do have to read "The Man in the High Castle" though sounds like a great read.

Bag Blog said...

I wouls have voted for Powell in a heart beat - then and now.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Lee had taken Washington DC early on in the war when he could have?

J. said...

Absolutely, Powell would have made a great CinC, but you and I both know that the RNC would have shit bricks before he got the nomination. He's "too liberal" for the platform, as was Tom Ridge, Chuck Hagel, and other good Repubs.

dutchmarbel said...

I agree with J. ; Powell would be too liberal.

@Lt: have you read 'making history' by Stephen Fry?

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hagel is a good republican? You mean the same Chuck that wants us to lose the Iraq war? Wow.

V-Chip said...

I would have voted for Powell twice if he ran. The guy loves working on old Swedish automobiles and is the model of what a military leader should strive to become. His political views in my opinion are just right.

Although that UN WMD speech marred his career, it will not end his political future. You forget that America loves come back stories (Martha Stewart, Nelson Mandela, etc...).

Okay, I admit, I have a man-crush on Powell; but who wouldn't after watching his Meet the Press interview with Brokaw, especially this section: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXWqX_O4BKY

Nixon said...

Good comments all, seems like he could've pulled it off in '96. Anyways, I have not read that book Dutch Marbel, but sounds interesting. And Bag Blog if you are referring to Robert E. Lee, I maintain that those rabble-rousers in the Confederacy needed to be taught a lesson. What too soon?

olgreydog7 said...

Rabble Rabble rabble rabble rabblerabble!

Ok, now that that is over with. I think Powell would have had the largest margin of victory ever. Probably along the lines of 75%. Hell, I'd vote for him if I was running against him.