01 February 2009

First They Came For the Bus-Shitters

Subrookie emails a tip that the WA legislature is going to pass a bill making defecation on a public bus a crime. From The Strangler:

HB 1606: The Nanny State Doesn't Want You to Shit on the Bus

Believe it or not, taking a dump on the bus is not explicitly prohibited by state law. But if Representative Geoff Simpson (D-47) has his way, the halcyon days when you could poop on public transit to your heart's content may be coming to an end. What's worse: Simpson's bill also makes the not-yet-open light-rail line a poo-free zone.
If homeless people can't drop a deuce on the bus or in the library, where the hell are they supposed to go?!?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys have a lot of rules out there! Thought you were so liberal.


(geez, I'm kidding!)

Nixon said...

Well liberal means more laws designed for social engineering purposes, so it makes sense.