27 January 2009

For the Kid Who Already Has Everything: A Dead Girl Doll

Now this is totally classy! If you haven't turned on a cable TV station in the last 6 months, you may have missed out on the latest edition in the "missing and/or dead white girl" saga. The most recent media obsession is Caylee Anthony, who's corpse got fished out of the swamp last month. In trial by media fashion, the mother is widely suspected of being the culprit. This would make the photos of her shaking her ass at a club after the daughter was murdered even more bizarre. To further exploit death and misery beyond just what the Greta Van Susterens of the world are doing, a toy company in Jackson is making a dolly of the dead child that sings. From Orlando Sentinel:

A Jacksonville promotions company plans to sell a doll as a tribute to slain toddler Caylee Marie Anthony.

The Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll will go on sale Tuesday for $29.99.

The blonde-haired, 18-inch doll wears jeans and a T-shirt depicting a sun and the phrase: "CAYLEE SUNSHINE." The song "You Are My Sunshine" plays when her belly button is pushed.
The don't mention what song the doll sings if you tape it's mouth and chuck it in the trunk of your car, hi-yo!


Anonymous said...

And this is a "tribute" in what way?

Who the hell would buy this thing?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does it come with a little bottle of chloroform, and a pair of Casey's panties? Scratch that...Way too offensive, even for my standards. Yuck.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Suicidal gramps sold separately.

Nixon said...

You all are going to hell! haha, of course I am to since I brought this creepy doll to your attention.