04 January 2009

Global Warming Score Cards and Boondoggles

Brought to You By the California Taxpayers

January 1st saw the implementation of California mandating all new vehicle sales having a "global warming score" sticker of 1-10, where 10 is a greeny self-righteous electric car driven by grown-up hippies and 1 is a gas guzzler driven by seal-clubbers/whale-harpooners. California already has strict vehicle emission standards through the process of smog check certification, so what this program hopes to achieve is unclear. But the state has an entire online eco-campaign dedicated to educating the public on how to "drive green". CO2 is a byproduct of the combustion of octane (gasoline), so a car that burns more gas to get from point A to point B would make an automobile "less" friendly to Gaia. That's a one-sentence summary of this entire wasteful government PR.

The California Resources Board defends their existence:
"This label will arm consumers with the information they need to choose a vehicle that saves gas, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps fight smog all at once," said ARB Chairman Mary Nichols. "Consumer choice is an especially powerful tool in our fight against climate change."
Real change in CO2 emission policy would be developing transit infrastructure which is woefully inadequate in Los Angeles, the second biggest city in America where traffic is a baffling ordeal. Instead, the state has chosen to waste money on a program that has negligible value while the state budget reaches a disastrous deficit and teeters on bankruptcy. No wonder California is fast becoming the "get packing" state for businesses.

American Thinker
weighs in on this touchy-feely legislation as well.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the aging hippies (and the "green" Hollywood types) would much rather drive an electric car or hybrid than have to use public transportation with the masses.

The public transportation infrastructure is one of the things I miss about NJ/NYC.

Darren M said...

My GT-500 had that stupid sticker on it. It scored a 1 on the Global Warming Score and an 8 on the Smog Score. Not many of them on the road, so I'm not killing the environment. Much. It does wheelies when the tires are hot, so that makes it worth it to me.

subrookie said...

"Global Warming" has become the cause celeb of the 21st century. Tonight on the news they had this story about how glaciers were receding in Glacier National Park. Had we been around 20K years ago would we have freaked out as the 1 mile thick glaciers receded that formed the Great Lakes and Puget Sound or the one that formed the Missouri River Valley? I guess if I was an early Native American I would have if I was half way across the land bridge that used to connect Siberia to Alaska when things changed.

This is exactly why it's called "climate change" not "global warming". What if the glaciers were advancing? If the ice sheet was in danger of knocking down the Space Needle or Sears Tower would we try and increase greenhouse gas emissions to warm the atmosphere up? Remember there are strirated rocks in Central Park caused by glaciers. Things change.

LT Nixon said...


Don't break out the board shorts just yet, global cooling...is here!

Darren M said...

I think what happens is we get to the point of figuring this shit out, then POW!, a BFC (big fuckin' comet) wipes out the earth leaving a few bulletproof retards to repopulate. They don't remember shit, so no books or accounts of what happened, but eventually breed the stupidity out of themselves and we pepeat the process again.

Darren M said...

REPEAT the process...REPEAT. Not pepeat.