21 January 2009

The Not So Hope N' Changey People

Dorky White People at Inaugural Balls Should Be Reason Enough to Hate Hope, Change

While the rest of the country was celebrating our national orgasm known as Inauguration 2009, a few scattered malcontents here and there dropped a big deuce in the celebration punchbowl. Here's some links to those unimpressed with the coronation:

Bouhammer: "Unlike the soon to be First Lady, I have always been proud to be an American and today is just one more reason why."

Crook's Shadow: "And why soviet style agitprop theme in all of Obama’s campaign art? Because its so fucking brilliantly effective and simple! Think about it, the October Revolution and its genocidal progeny was able to control an entire nation of tens of millions for 70 years."

Todd Seavey: "Instead of gushing about Obama, I will say that the idolatry surrounding him would be alarming in a president of any party — and I hope liberals are not so naive as to think that press fawning is only unhealthy when it’s one of the “bad guys,”"

Gateway Pundit: Nice job, Barack. The president's socialist rant sunk the stock market today. (note: it's a bit unfair to just blame The O for the disastrous policies enacted before he took office, but the stock market did tank today).

Yglesias (uncharacteristic for a lefty...gotta respect that): And I’ll admit that the festivities this whole weekend have actually left me feeling a bit curmudgeonly—I don’t like the monarchical qualities and I don’t like the way the need to strike a tone of unity and bipartisanship is making it impossible to talk in a serious way about the challenges facing the country.

Fobbits Need Ice Cream Too: Maybe your wife can help out on the stimulus fund by selling that $100,000 string of diamonds around her neck she was wearing today.

Ed Morrissey
: Maybe Obama wanted to defuse the opposition and defang his own supporters, at least for a few days. That may not be a bad idea, but in the long run, the debate over specific goals, priorities, and policies will occur. This speech did not boldly engage on any level.

Me: Today's "historic" moment strikes me as bizarre that we choose to celebrate in such a bombastic fashion. Problems abroad and domestic woes about the economy highlights that this day is one of collective delusion for our nation. Kind of like the married guy taking the ring off his finger to party with the stripper named "Bubbles". No concern about the consequences of tomorrow! Obama's creepy way of using his lofty speech tone to "embiggen the smallest man" seems to politically capitalize on the self-importance phenomenon of our culture. In Obama's world, everyone is a great citizen just for driving a hybrid or making a pledge to The O. The cult of personality is incredibly frightening, but I admit I am incredibly interested to see where our country goes from here. So go produce some more Obama babies, America, let's party before it becomes impossible to do so due to a crippling destruction of society.


Bag Blog said...

All morning I listened to the mush and gush of the commentators who call themselves reporters. As soon as Obama stumbled through the oath, I turned off the TV. I am interested to see how it all plays out, but the Obama worship almost did me in.