13 January 2009

Pro-Hamas Imbeciles in SF

I'm not saying everyone who is a bit skeptical of "Operation Cast Lead" is an anti-Semitic peace thug, but these Bay Area people make a pretty good case otherwise. Much more at Zombietime.

Seeing how Jewish businesses were one of the first victims of the Nazi regime when the Sturmabteilung began smashing their windows, I would recommend that the commie Santa Claus pictured above choose a different way to get his message across.

So much for the theory on newfound patriotism under Obama. Let's keep cheering on Iranian-funded terrorist groups!


Lisa said...

Though I love the West Coast for other reasons, it's a given that people are a little imbecilic in L.A. and S.F. Mr. Red Shirt (Brownshirt) is a loony.

As a S.F. friend recently put it, most folks have a hard time going to Safeway with first consulting their therapist.

LT Nixon said...

I'm a known L.A. apologist, but it certainly did have it's share of crazies. I just like pointing out American absurdities on this blog, and I understand that most lefties aren't like Mr. Brownshirt (pictured in red).

olgreydog7 said...

Can Hezbola and Hamas be freedom fighters and terrorists? Palestine did get the shaft when Israel was created, but I'm sure what they really lost in the deal.

Lisa said...


You do a great job exposing absurdity, wherever it lurks.

I would hope most who lean left aren't insane, but even though I lean that way, I can't affiliate with a lot of the knee-jerk, more insane variety.

I feel like a stranger in a strange land when encountering those fanatics on both the Right and Left who are simply zombified to their doctrine, whatever they've been spoon-fed.

Think and see! That's where you'll find the truth. Krishnamurti said, "Truth is a pathless land." Amen.

Lisa said...


A good question. If one looks at precedent, one could say the IRA were freedom fighters, while the PIRA wing employed terrorist tactics to achieve that end.

In the case of Hamas and Hezbollah, one could argue the case for freedom fighting, but they are unwilling to arrive at a compromise. They will only accept the destruction of the state of Israel, and that is unacceptable.

What did they lose in the UN partition? A lot of sand on which they could pitch their tents. the Israelis made the desert bloom.