19 January 2009

Rahm-Bo: We Must Reduce Wasteful Spending, Spend $825B on Obama Stimulus

Illinois skeazebag and Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has come out of hiding following the recent Blago-saga to appear on NBC's Meet the Press. After the host discussed the $2T (including Obama Stimulus) of money the government doesn't have that has gone or will go towards spending, Rahm Emanuel had the cajones to praise the $825B Obama plan and state that the federal government really needs to show fiscal restraint. From Politico:
The Democratic stimulus plan, Emanuel said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “has got to be coupled with a serious attack about putting our fiscal house in order, and for too long that hasn’t happened.”
Keep in mind this is the same guy who penned an Op-Ed for the NYT just last year entitled "Don't Get Rid of Earmarks" and works for an administration that has made promises to the American people they know they can't afford. The fundamental problem of our economy is that people are living beyond their means, and we continue to vote for politicians who promise shiny objects and an unsustainable standard of living. Yet, we continue to elect them...with whopping approval ratings! Once the glitz and glamor of the inauguration wears off our collective consciousness, I suspect we are going to be in for a very nasty wake-up call.

Buy canned goods.


Mike said...

That'd be the same inauguration that is going to cost a whopping ~$150 million. Granted, a large chunk of that is going towards security, but the part that isn't (right around $50 million) is still more than the Bush inauguration party in 2004 including security.

Restraint and accountability my ass.

olgreydog7 said...

I like how they have about 1/4 of the surge strength in security. 1/4 of what they screamed was too much to protect an entire country to protect one town. Funny.