01 February 2009

Support the Stimulus or the Terrorists Win

This is a pretty funny political cartoon, because it compares Republicans who are a no-go on the stimulus to "corrupt and deceitful" regimes, which Obama made the fist comments about during his inaugural address. This means that if you don't support a trillion dollars for a pork-laden monstrosity, you're a fucking terrorist! haha.

This parlays with the Democrats trying to blame The One's failed bipartisan support on a media personality, which might be a winning political strategy if you're reading the Hugo Chavez playbook. They've also unleashed a series of imbeciles to counter the so called "right wing noise" machine. The spokeswoman on Cavuto who forgot to take her meds and tried defending the stimulus package was incredibly humorous, particularly when she talked about buckets of money.

When you have the political opposition calling you traitors, you know you're doing something right and they are getting desperate. So, before we commit national suicide by passing this multi-headed hydra of wasteful spending, drop the cheesy rhetoric and consider what's in it. From Director Blue:

• $83 billion in welfare payments (the earned income credit for people who don't pay income tax)
• $81 billion for Medicaid
• $66 billion on "education", more than the entire Department of Education required just ten years ago
• $36 billion for expanded unemployment benefits
• $20 billion for food stamps
• $8 billion on "renewable energy" projects, which have a low or negative return
• $7 billion for "modernizing federal buildings and facilities"
• $6 billion on urban transit systems, dominated by unions and which, almost universally, lose money
• $2.4 billion for "carbon-capture demonstration projects"
• $2 billion for child-care subsidies
• $1 billion for Amtrak, the federal railroad that's run in the red for 40 years
• $650 million for "digital TV conversion coupons" (on top of billions already spent)
• $600 million on new cars for government (added to the $3 billion already spent each year)
• $400 million for "global-warming research"
• $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
And the President wants to cut out 10% of the DoD's budget, but spend more on keeping reliable voters on the dole? The Democrats strategy of patriot economics doesn't add up. Nice try though.


Oz said...

He talks a good game, but in terms of policy the only open hand I've seen so far has been poised to bitch-slap the minority party. His side won, so he can get the policy he wants without them. Of course, that's not enough. For some reason he wants them to like it, too.

Anonymous said...

As Oz says in his comment, that's not enough, he wants them to like it, too. My feeling on that is bec. he's a Democrat. Here, we're "helping" you, don't you love us -- NOW NEVER FORGET IT!!!

And again, WHERE is this money coming from?

And don't forget the EXTRA $93,000 each of them in Congress are getting for themselves for . . . wait for it . . . petty cash.


Anonymous said...

By the way -- (or BTW) I was on a different comp. earlier and you were not on the list, so I Google'd you and do you know that you take up a whole page? You, LT Nixon. A whole screen page of YOU. I hope you get paid by Google or something for that.


Nixon said...


Are you a google-stalker? I am too! We meet in the local church basement for a 12-step program every Thursday evening, haha.

Anonymous said...

Well, if every comp. in the world had LT Nixon Rants in their favorites, I would not have been on Goggle and found that HUGE page! It was a bit overwhelming!!


olgreydog7 said...

Wow, that was the dumbest woman ever. Sometimes I wonder if Fox interviews these people before hand and just picks the dumbest ones. But, then I watch CNN or catch clips of the View and I realize, they are all that dumb.

I think I figured out how the O will pay for this crap. Let's say that the average troop pays 3 grand in taxes a year. Bring home 140,000 of them, out of a tax free zone, boom! You have 420 million dollars. Quite a boost to revenue. Plus all the logistical dollars associated with having them here instead of there, combat pay, FSA, ect. And, last I remember was about 10 billion a month spent there, the brass and state department folks would probably pay around 10-20 grand a year in taxes, so really we are probably looking at paying for at least half of the stimulus bill by bringing them home. Interesting isn't it?