23 January 2009

Surprise: Idiotic Drunk Guy Over the Legal Age Limit

Drunk Dialing Can Land You a Citation

To parlay on the last post about the drinking age being 18, this event out in Florida shows that stupidity is much more a function of the person involved rather than their age. From Tampa Bay Online about a gentleman of 33 years of age:
Roberto Benigno Campos thought there ought to be a law for kicking a man out of a bar at closing time, police said.

When the staff at the ShangriLa Gentleman's Oasis scooped up his drink about 3:15 a.m. today to shut down for the night, Campos called 911 to say he'd been robbed, an affidavit states.

Tampa police were not amused.

Officers arrived at the bikini bar at 2310 N. Dale Mabry Highway, sized up the situation and told Campos no crime had been committed.

Campos, 33, was undeterred and called 911 three more times to report a drink robbery, an affidavit states.

The St. Petersburg man also advised authorities that police did not help him because he was a supporter of President Barack Obama, the affidavit states.

At that point, police were glad to help Campos to jail.

Police charged him with misdemeanor misuse of the 911 system for calling the emergency number "for a purpose other than obtaining public safety assistance," the affidavit states.
Longtime resident Wek explains the Florida whackjob phenomenon here. Good thing I stuck with the advice of my pops who said "Beware of countries and states where it doesn't snow".


Wek said...

The "Shag-rila". Bwahaha! They booted me from there once, too. During a bachelor party I tried the ole Fear and Loathing trick from the diner scene- I gave a girl a tip and a note that read "Back door beauty?". Needless to say the result ended up as bad as it did for Dr. Gonzo and his attorney.

Note to any servicemen that may spend even a day at Macdill AFB: Mons Venus is the ultimate gentlemen's club in Tampa. They literally have 50 smokin' hot girls working every night.

LT said...

LTN--don't this kind of undermine all your notions on personal responsibility and such?