04 February 2009

Flashback: Daschle's Hilarious 1986 Ad on Being a Regular Joe

Saw this 1986 Daschle ad on my beloved right-wing noise machine, and I thought it's something everyone could enjoy regardless of political persuasion. It's Daschle claiming he's a regular guy because he drives a 1971 Pontiac hoopty instead of having a limo and driver. 20+ years later, I guess it's okay to be a man of the people as long as you don't report the limo and driver on your taxes. Of course, we should have known Daschle was a phony back in those days, since every respectable working stiff in the 80s drove a Dodge, like this guy:


Anonymous said...

"Burns a little oil" -- I'll say.

Actually, that is a pretty good hoopty. Needs better rims, tho.


Ms. Kiyum said...

Or maybe, he doesn't care about clean air.

Nixon said...

Ms. K,

This was 1986, when spraying your hair with 10 cans of CFC-ridden hairspray was still socially acceptable.