25 February 2009

Obama's Big Speech: I'm Not Afraid Anymore!

Even though Politico is busting out the knee pads to go to town on the prez, that clip from Donnie Darko pretty much summarizes the naivete of it all. Our national debt is approaching the stratosphere due to wasteful government spending combined with an over eagerness for tax cuts. The President adequately addressed this problem at the beginning of his speech, but thinks he can get us out of the mess by providing more loans, debt, and tax cuts! I know I'm not some Nobel economist, but I don't get it. If the people loaning us money (China, Saudi Sheikhs, etc.) acted like a regular repo service, the White House furniture would've been confiscated years ago and every president since Kennedy would've had their knee caps busted. Our country is living way beyond our means in material consumption and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can achieve a more frugal and responsible society. Trying to counteract market forces of slowing down excessive credit and weeding out shitty banks with the help of federal government just means people with lobbyists get to play by their own rules and continue the Ponzi economy. Sucks for the rest of us.

I also enjoyed the President's swat at "no-bid" contracts in Iraq. That would've been swell to say in like 2003, but the era of big reconstruction projects in Messopotamia is over, which the Ambassador made very clear back in 2008. Seems like Bush-era campaign rhetoric, which is pretty lame considering he's the Commander-in-Chief and could've used this speech to show some real leadership on foreign policy. The specifics of where he is going to cut the DoD budget will be of interest, and it seems rather risky in a time of war. I was generally supportive of most of the O's foreign policy so far, but I'm not so sure anymore.

As for Jindal, the consesus is he pretty much sucked (and that's from the big conservative blogs!). What was that shit about the Bullet Train to Vegas? Why does the GOP hate mass transit so much? The road between Southern California and Vegas (made famous by the late, great Hunter S. Thompson) is a well known death trap, constantly snarled with traffic, and in dire need of an alternative. That shit would pay for itself in a heartbeat. Oh well.

Next time, they should let Joe Biden just talk. Reason compiled a funny vid of his gaffes. I love that guy.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, you. Don't mess with Joe!

I didn't watch the vid - too early in the morning, still. Maybe later in the day when I need a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

LT, don't mess with the messiah. He WILL get us out of this mess. He is the chosen one.

Sandman02 said...

The problem with the "Bullet train to Vegas" is that there is one already being built.

The Bailout creates a Government sponsored competitor to a privately funded business.

Shanksow said...

Glad that I have stop watching the news on TV - even Foxnews. What Sandman02 said trigger a bit of trivia. Back in the 1920, Great Britain saw two airship companies developed their products. the R100 was successful because it was a private company. The R101 was a gov't sponsored company that produced a bloated and heavy airship (the R101) that it crashed on its first flight to India somewhere over France. This was like a 7-10 years before the crash of the Hindenburg.

So - bullet trains to Vegas. I'll bet the private one will succeed where the gov't one will not.

subrookie said...

I'm glad I missed the speech. I did catch the journalistic four-play afterword though. I grew weary of hearing from George Stephonopolis how great Obama is and how great a speech it was.

Why is that guy even considered a journalist after he was outed for advising the President's staff a couple weeks ago?

And, the day blogger doesn't show Obama as a misspelling is the day he has completed total domination.

Anonymous said...

Roger that...well I'm glad you're openly discussing this seeing some others are too scared to do it and use their freedom of speech, military or non-military.

Shame who we work under eh?

Thank you Sir for the comment on my blog by the way.

Nixon said...


Make sure you get the right "website number" for the Reason vid, mwahaha.


I think there was a similar thing with the Wright brothers (private) who beat out the government funded people for getting the first bird in the air. Thanks for the trivia though, I had not heard that.


Didn't know they were already building a bullet train...sounds like a good idea.


I resigned my commission, so I'm not working for the man anymore. But you can talk politics on your blog, just don't be traitorous or anything. Best of luck at nuke school, that shit was hard.

Elizabeth said...

...the right "website number"? 'the heck d'ya mean!? Stop messin' with Joe, LT

I found the web number alright and, the vid was a bit of yawn, I must say.

However, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart - and, I mean that sincerely - for what it led me to - I hadn't seen that Esquire article before...not surprisingly, hehehehe

Average American said...

What's up with Biden's forehead? Did NObama cuff him a good one for one of his gaffes? It looks like a big black and blue mark, silver dollar sized.

Ms. Kiyum said...

I actually just chimed in to ask Average American's question. Who clocked Joe in the head?

rayanne said...

The last I heard the bullet train to Vegas was scrapped a couple of years ago for lack of funds. I stopped driving to Vegas because last time it took 9 hours sitting in traffic to get back to LA, when it previously only took 4. I will use it often if they follow through with building it.