06 February 2009

The Ongoing Stimulus Saga Information War

Early in the week, the President sent out a fear-mongering mailer for all of his devoted followers to ramp up the information campaign to get the stimulus passed through the Senate. Let's have a look at what some of the bigger Go-Bama blogs are saying about this unprecedented mountain of new government spending:

  • Daily Kos wonders why no Democrats are talking to the media about the stimulus (I thought you guys were the "new media")
  • Think Progress notes that the 2/3 of spending will come within the first 18 months, despite what Congressional Republicans were saying about the CBO report. Good to know that we will be saddled with a cumbersome debt early.
  • Crooks and Liars sticks it to that perpetual enemy of American progress, Fox News, by wondering why more economists besides Krugman aren't coming out in support of the stimulus (probably because many economists think it's a bad idea)
  • Kevin Drum says the honeybee insurance that opponents have touted as porky waste is actually disaster insurance for livestock. I got bored about two sentences into the post and started staring at the ceiling, so I'm not sure if it's accurate.
  • Arianna Huffington is very upset that someone on Teevee called her "clueless" on economic policies and, in turn, she calls him "clueless". Wow, what a zinger.
Call me a skeptic, but as regular citizen, I still don't understand how rushing a near-trillion dollars worth of government spending when our deficit is out of control is supposed to be a good thing for Americans. So, President Obama, who hasn't learned the art of delegation yet apparently, just writes a damn Op-Ed himself in today's WaPo explaining the awesome of the stimulus package. Bipartisan compromise is reached as Republicans rush to give tax credits for their suburban constituencies to build McMansions and drive Hummers, the stimulus passes, the country is saddled with an astronomical debt, and America turns into Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The end.


Lisa said...

It is feeling very Road Warrior-like (I'm just here for the gas.)

Average American said...

Now Lt, how can you belittle your CIC like that. He's going to create 3 million new jobs for only $720,000,000,000. What a bargain!! They are ONLY going to cost our great, great, great grandkids $240,000 each! I e-mailed him an offer that I hope he will consider. I will hire as many people as he can send me for only $200,000 each. That will save taxpayers a small fortune. I don't see how he can possibly refuse!

Shea said...

to me its sad that the republicans were able to take out the few billion, lol, never thought I'd say that, only a few billion, but, it is, that they took out the few billion that would have went to the arts, and not stupid shit like giving some dude a few thousand to make a portrait with manure or something, but for public radio, which by the way, in the recent ice storm, was our only way to know what was going on for days, as they kept regular updates and ran regular national public radio programming, in the dark, with flashlights, using a generator, museums, arts education for schools,public libraries, nonprofit arts and education, etc. Way to go republicans, once again shitting on the poor and middle class people of this once great country. And let me say again, in the ginormous, spending package, it was a very small percentage, but who am I to complain that I would like to have a better library, or at least what it was even a couple years ago, or to have public radio, that keeps you updated, God forbid there is a disaster, when nothing else works.

Shea said...

This spending doesnt matter now anyway, things are too far gone, it might help, but in any case, The previous 8 years of massive deficits, have in effect added signifigant taxes to all, which affects the middle class and poor the most, due to the devaluation of the us dollar, and inflation, and NOT Core inflation which does not take into account price increases for energy or food,