19 March 2009

Jon Stewart and Veterans Groups United Against Third-Party Insurance Scam From VA

Jon Stewart's riff on the Obama administration for trying to save $540M by making wounded vets use private health insurance is well-deserved. The Frito Lay-sponsored MOH and Arlington National Water Park were particularly humorous. The bi-partisan ruckus being made indicates this proposal by the VA is about as politically toxic as AIG executives doing taxpayer-funded cocaine off some chick's ass. From a strategy-level, it's certainly a good thing that veterans care is still viewed as a moral imperative by most of America, since veterans are quantitatively a small voting bloc and would have difficulty competing with other more well-funded special interest groups.

Here's some of the veterans groups that are hoppin' mad:

American Legion - calls the plan "A desperate search for money at any cost"
VFW - Not happy either
IAVA - Obama's proposal is an embarrassment to Abraham Lincoln!
VoteVets - Just Say Nay

Props to the This Ain't Hell dudes, who were the first bloggers to break the story.

Update: This proposal is now DOA and the administration has backed off.


Darren M said...

At first I thought it was you would see a civilian doctor, and they would bill the VA for the visit if it was service related, thus taking some of the pressure off of the VA, and negating the travel costs for those who have to travel to get to one. (It's reimbursable)

If everyone is spouting off the correct shit (since the olicy hasn't been formally announced yet) Obama has lost his fucking mind. and can get in line to kiss my ass behind Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a few others.

Nixon said...

Darren M,

Shortly after I wrote this it was announced that the administration backed off and won't be implementing this turd.

Darren M said...

Shortly after I wrote my comment, they said it on the news. He can still kiss my ass. I might even let him move to the front of the line for that one.

Darren M said...

I'm on Day 4 of not smoking. I want to hurt people.

SK said...

Oh good luck Darren! I remember that feeling well, and years later I sometimes find myself following a smoker and sniffing just for the smell. Be careful, folks tend to think you're a stalker :)