20 March 2009

MTV Sheds Light On the Bag of Dicks Known as IRR Mobilization

Ryan From The Real World Learns He Just Got Activated (h/t Floppin' Aces)

Since I'm a twentysomething curmudgeon, I pretty much stopped watching MTV some 15+ years ago when they stopped airing Headbanger's Ball, Beavis & Butthead, and The State, but I certainly wished I saw last night's episode of the Real World. One of the cast members is an Iraq vet and the show depicts him getting the dreaded "package in the mail" from the Army indicating he's been called back to Active Duty. While it sucks for Ryan, this is beneficial to widespread dissemination of veteran culture, which is probably why IAVA was pushing it so hard. Seeing how modern day veterans are a such a small sliver of the current populous (unlike past wars), it is important to spread the word through available communication mediums about some of the shit the military has to put up with.

I've known a bunch of guys who've gotten the dreaded IRR call-up, but Uncle Sam can do it (read your contract). It's interesting to see how the rest of the cast responded to the news:

The cast's response that Ryan "doesn't want to do this" and "he's just doing it for the government" shows a standard civilian misperception of the military. Most military members don't much enjoy going 15 days on a Combat Outpost with no showers and sweat-stained IBAs, but they do it out of a sense of patriotism and sacrifice. This may seem counter-intuitive to the your typical self-important Real World participant, but it may help explain Ryan's response that "I'm actually kind of excited in a weird way". Thanks to Ryan for his service and for MTV in airing this sequence.

As for Iraq, did you know that it's the 6-year anniversary of the invasion? At least, Stephen Colbert still does, because he headed to the sandbox to entertain the troops. I always liked his show a lot better than Jon Stewart's, because he sticks with the comedy and spares the audience from self-righteous indignation...unlike Stewart.


Joe said...

Half the reason why I re-up'd.

Nixon said...

Yeah, I've got about a year in the IRR, but I seem to have lucked out when they were handing out branches, because the Navy hasn't utilized the IRR (yet). Good to see you here, Joe, hope everything is going well.

Shea said...

I got that dreaded fed ex package just before Christmas, I'll be on my way to processing early, early, Sunday morning.
I used to favor Fed Ex, but since then, I now exclusively either use UPS or USPS. I guess you could say it tarnished the Fed Ex Brand in my mind.
I rarely watch Mtv anymore, since they quit showing videos, but wish I had seen this episode.
Thanks for posting this, and you'll be fine, they don't bother you that first year, as far as I know, or can tell.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn. Part of me thinks it sucks when people get called back, and the other part of me says "Fuck Yeah, when you're called back it means they missed me again"!!!