19 March 2009

Shep Smith Destroys Dodd For Allowing AIG Bonuses

Since everyone likes Fox News' Shephard Smith when he "goes rogue", here's his latest striking a populist tone. He slams DC (particularly mortgage-paper Houdini Senator Dodd) for passing the Dodd Amendment which allowed companies who took TARP funds before 2/11/2009 to be able to pay out these monstrous bonuses at the taxpayers' expense. It should also be noted that Senator Dodd got $103,900 from AIG in 2008, but I'm sure it was just coincidental.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Not quite. Liberals like Shep when he goes rogue on Conservatives. At which point Conservatives get mad at Shep. However, Conservatives say that's more like it when Shep goes Rogue on Liberlas, at which point Liberals decry Shep as a Faux News Hack.

Political discourse in this nation has descended to near absolute zero levels of "I only like people who hold to 100% of my ideas, as such I only like me."

wifeunit said...

I've always liked Sheppard Smith. Now I like him more.

Pro said...

Breaking News: Dodd Says loophole that protects AIG Bonuses added per request of the Obama administration. The video is about a fifth of the way down.


Obama should take full and direct responsibility for this mess.

Nixon said...


I like Shep because he's not falling for this lame act by Congress when a lot of the guilt is on their shoulders. It's not too much to do with liberals/conservatives/whatever. I think the media (CNN as well) has done a good job scrutinizing all this bailout nonsense ever since it really got going in Sept. I didn't even know who the fuck AIG was about a year ago, but I sure do now.