27 March 2009

U.N. Rolls Back Civilization to the Dark Ages By Banning Free Speech

Uh, that's not change we can believe in. The dog and pony show known as the U.N. Human Rights Council has passed a resolution saying criticizing religion is a human rights violation. From Reuters:

A United Nations forum on Thursday passed a resolution condemning "defamation of religion" as a human rights violation, despite wide concerns that it could be used to justify curbs on free speech in Muslim countries.

The U.N. Human Rights Council adopted the non-binding text, proposed by Pakistan on behalf of Islamic states, with a vote of 23 states in favour and 11 against, with 13 abstentions.
Freedom of Speech has been a bedrock to modern society for centuries, so it's beyond the scope of this blog to argue why silencing dissent might be problematic. But, Jules Crittenden explains how it's a MoToon thing. Congressman Franks (R-AZ) urged against the ban, and the U.S. does not have a vote since it withdrew in protest from the council back in 2008.

You could start burying ammo in the back yard because you fear dudes in blue helmets are coming to take you away, but, then again, you could realize that the UN is completely fucking incapable of doing anything. Still, it's a slap in the face to individuals forced to live under tyrannical regimes that the UN Human Rights council is supposedly trying to help.


Oz said...

If it's time to bury your guns, it's time to dig them up already.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible decision by the UN council. I'm alway surprised how much less free speech is elsewhere, even in Europe. We really do have radically free speech here in the U.S.


LogicallyLocked said...

I wonder how many religions this will actually encompass. I'm sure you can bet on the fact that if you're an Athiest your views won't be counted as any form of religious and people can criticize all they want. Or what if you're a Scientologist? Or how about a Sadist? I'm calling bullshit on this whole thing right now. How long do you think it would last any way?

Anonymoose said...

Pretty sure it'll only really apply to criticizing Islam.

Reason #1138 to evict the UN from NYC... bonus points for "by force".