17 April 2009

FBI's Operation Vigilant Eagle To Target Nutbag Vets

Apparently, the DHS' asinine and worthless intelligence assessment (which required an embarassing apology from Napolitano) about garden-variety "right-wing extremism" was part of a broader law enforcement effort to round up veterans wrapped up in militant/white supremacy organizations. The WSJ has broken a major story on "Operation Vigilant Eagle" which was started late in the Bush organization:

The documents outlining Operation Vigilant Eagle cite a surge in activity by such groups. The memos say the FBI's focus on veterans began as far back as December, during the final weeks of the Bush administration, when the bureau's domestic counterterrorism division formed a special joint working group with the Defense Department.

A Feb. 23 draft memo from FBI domestic counterterrorism leaders, obtained by The Wall Street Journal, cited an "increase in recruitment, threatening communications and weapons procurement by white supremacy extremist and militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups."
I'm willing to give the FBI the benefit of the doubt for right now, since they have more information than the public is not privy to and I understand that law enforcement is an essential part of society (and am grateful for their service). And, certainly, if there's some shithead looking to commit violence against the President because he's part of the ZOG machine or some nonsense, take 'em down. But if the broadly-worded DHS intelligence assessment that could've been penned by Barney Fife is any indicator of how squared away this operation is being run, then there's reason to believe some veterans are going to get wrapped up in this dragnet. All the more impetuous for me to go be an ex-pat in T-land, but I'm a little concerned about everyone else who has worn the uniform.

It's a weird time to be a veteran, because the all-voluntary military lends itself to a fragmentation between civilian society. Also, the relative small percentage of this generation involved in Iraq or Afghanistan easily leads to misunderstandings. I wouldn't say that veterans are some kind of persecuted minority, because Americans have treated vets great on a personal level (at least in my lifetime). But being a such a small group can mean one jackass's actions tar an entire group of people (see Timothy McVeigh).


Mike H said...

Spot fucking on with the movie caption.

Ms. Kiyum said...

In my opinion, it seems like a pretty poor assumption that you would sacrifice so much personal freedom to serve your country in the armed forces then suddenly become a terrorist against that country. The world has a lot of nutbags, but being in the armed forces is not necessarily an indicator. I'm seeing a lot more positive recognition in the media and in entertainment regarding vets, but you still see the disparaging things too. It's a damn shame when it comes from the U.S. Gubment.

The Sniper said...

You, sir, are the man... again.

Lisa said...

Our current atmosphere of fear allows for anyone to be fingered as a possible threat, especially as we have accepted the state secrets argument which keeps so much from our knowledge.

Of all populations, veterans tend to be most patriotic and conservative -- the consummate American, one would think. But if one put on conspiracy sunglasses, who would be best equipped to fight a homegrown rebellion? Yup, the people you trained to use all these good weapons.

We certainly are ripe for paranoia today, and since the people in power have not being doing right by the populace, perhaps they have reason for being afraid.

We won't know, because it's all, y'know, classified.

Average American said...

The mighty sleeping monster, AKA the "silent majority" has awakened and the leftards are running scared. We shouldn't need violent overthrow of the government to change things, all we need to do is NOT go back to sleep! With or without the media's help, to be read as without the media's help, we have to swamp the voting booths in 2010. We need to rid ourselves of the Reids and Piglosis of the country. Win control of either house or senate and the insanity is done for.

In the mean time, send the white house and all of your representatives letters or e-mails or phone calls EVERY time a new issue emerges. Flood their offices until they cry for relief, until they stop being so g-damned stupid, until they READ the frigging bill BEFORE they vote!

You might want to start by DEMANDING Napolitano's FIRING!!

Barrage said...

Fire her because of a report commisioned by the holy one GWB?

Nixon said...


I'm not the man, just glad that the WSJ looked into this. Maybe that's why they're aren't one of the newspapers facing bankruptcy.

Lisa said...

Avg. Am.:

"Flood their offices until they cry for relief"

I read this as, "flood their orifices." Could that be b/c of the imperative nature of your message? Pelosi can go, but we don't need Bushies back, either.

Like you say -- we just need to wake up.