21 April 2009

Idiotic UN Racism Conference Turns Into an Actual Clown Show

Who Would've Thought This Guy Would Say Something Stupid?

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for the U.N. No one explicitly likes having kids in poverty, genocide, or racism in the modern world. But it's not very hard to predict that Ahmadinejad, whose stranglehold on power in Iran lies largely by feeding the uninformed masses his anti-Zionist nonsense, would level a bunch of a propaganda when he was given a platform to speak. From WaPo:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad argued before a U.N. anti-racism conference Monday that Israel is a "paragon of racism" founded on "the pretext of Jewish sufferings" during World War II..."Following World War II," he continued, according to an official English-language text of his remarks, "they resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless, on the pretext of Jewish sufferings and the ambiguous and dubious question" of the Holocaust.
It didn't take a crystal ball for President Obama to know we were best to boycott this turd of a conference in the first place. What is pathetic, is that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, just yesterday, expressed "shock" and was upset that the US withdrew from the Durban conference because the atrocities of the Holocaust was adequately factored into the program. But later today, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, had to issue a press release saying he was appalled by madman Ahmadinejad's comments. Once again, the UN looks like a bunch of embarrassing imbeciles at their utter Uncompetence.

However, the saving grace of the racism conference was these protesters dressed as clowns, who by screaming loudly and being escorted from the room, provided the most coherent message of the day (h/t Gateway Pundit for the video):


Mikael said...

While I hate hate filled rhetoric, he is at least partially right. Israel has been the aggress for 60 years, and has used the "anti-semetism" label to silence and discret all critique of their actions.

Israel today is every bit as bad as south africa during apardheit, but they are left to continue for the fear of being labeled racist and anti-semite for any critique, and held under the arms by the unwavering support of the united states of america.

This is the root of the terrorism problem we have today.

I have no more or less respect for jews than any other people(I _like_ meeting people from other cultures, and quite like those living in my town too), but I do not condone the policies of the Israeli state.

Dillinger737 said...

Israel is certainly so very evil. It's tiny country of Infidel situated in the center of a cluster of retarded, stone aged religious zealot inhabited countries who want nothing more than to create a second holocaust. Israel simply has no reason to be aggressive! Ahmadinejad is a whack job who needs assassinated and that should only be the start. I don't have a single Jewish tie in my family history and I think Israel is 110% justified. If our president wasn't a soppy cunt he should have walked out too. That idiot shouldn't have even been allowed in let alone to speak.

Nixon said...


The President boycotted, so he kind of walked out in advance...i guess.

Mike said...

The Blueblockers that Ahmadinejad be sporting are tight as fuck!

MAS1916 said...

Yup.. Obama bailed on the Racism Conference.

He couldn't reject anything from the UN

Lisa said...

I don't get why Ahmadinejad would be invited to address a conference on racism. Very strange, indeed.

It seems like everyone is testing the waters. The UN has always been notoriously anti-Semitic, and this was a gesture to see what, if any, protest would be raised.

Obama releases the torture memos, we read about the torture (according to his Atty. General), and yet, we will not prosecute. Was he right not to spend any political capital on the issue?

By the fairly tame response to his decision not to prosecute, I'd say yes, sadly.

Joe said...

Those sunglasses are awesome.

Bag Blog said...

Maybe he thought it was a racists' conference instead of a conference on racism.

Lisa said...

Good one, Bag Blog!

Michael said...

There is little doubt that the tone and intention of Ahmadinejad's UN address was inappropriate in the development of policy to control and address the harm racism exacts globally. The representatives must be cautious, however, how applauding with their feet may be construed. The anticipation of Iran's message left little room for member nations actions to plausibly deny those actions had underlying racial motives. If the Arab race were an easy, profitable target of racism, the outspoken president only made one mistake, he isolated Israel. As easy as it is to object to that narrative, it could be successfully argued that all the boycott supporters have been complicit in condoning racist policy. Those more heavily invested reps could not afford to attend at the risk of appearing irreversibly committed to the fortune of high grade low extraction cost-fossil fuels, preferably secured while still beneath the ground of sovereign Arab countries, racism or no racism. If Ahmadinejad is conducting racist activities in his own country, then that aversion would pale in comparison to the implied abhorrence that racism is acceptable with the proviso that it enjoys the participation or approval of a presumed revered list of nations delighted to leave oil off the agenda and out of scope. The UNEF was created to protect against the bloody results of subterfuge. Greed and lust for power remain at the center of racism as these nations seem to have learned very little from the Suez Crisis where Israel seemed to begin exploiting it's spoiled child of foreign policy status, flaunting international law to the chorus of much wheezing laughter. If not, whose idea was it to bring in the clowns which appeared to mock the Conference on racism depending on what your preferred flavour of racism is! If the UN conference on racism was and is used to promote racism, I fear there is a great deal more than one guilty nation.

Michael said...

The Politics of Hubris

How ever difficult it would be at present to slip a Crusty the Clown wig and a few red foam noses through the Mossad UN security barrier, the opportunity remains to express the the international standard for racism in question here!
Take the members and media depiction(reacion) of the clown people act at Iranian speech quantity, and subtract from it the same act during any boycott monkey nation's address event quantity. The difference will express the accepted international standard for tolerated and preferred racist flavors!
Failing that, they'll have to try white sheets with eye holes because burning crosses and SS uniforms pose understandable secreting problems.
The world will then be comforted with the clear benchmark that-that which is amusing can't be racist.