01 May 2009

No Balls Washington Times Neglects To Mention "The Sniper" Was at Milblog Conference

Why Was the Media Not Interviewing This Guy

I made it to the last milblog conference, but couldn't make it to this one due to a prior engagement. I hear some nice folks were there, and KY Woman, Tankerbabe, and the USO gals have a decent recap. The conference even got media attention from the Washington Times (h/t JP):
They are passionate, committed and courageous. They work long hours without much hope of fame or fortune. They believe in their cause and are united by a strong urge to serve the troops. These are the military bloggers who attended the 2009 milblog conference at the Westin Arlington Gateway hotel Friday and Saturday.

Many milbloggers are former or current members of the armed forces; others are spouses and parents who are familiar with the issues and want the rest of America to understand their concerns. They come from all walks of life. Yet they share a camaraderie that is instant and infectious: If you are present, you immediately feel welcome.
Thanks for the puff piece, ma'am, but those goons in the MSM missed the most important blogger there: The Sniper. Overlooking the beloved, drunken lout who brings offensive military humor to the masses is a slap in the face to offensive bloggers everywhere (a sub-genre I'm working up to). This injustice will not stand. Oh, and they thought TSO was Paul Rieckhoff. But that's just funny.


Alex said...

It's a shame you weren't there! My irrational fear of people led me to cling to TSO, The Sniper and .5 of the USO girls like a rabid koala. It would have been nice to meet the man behind the gaiter.

The Sniper said...

.5 of the USO girls... classic.

The Sniper said...

By the way, I think you should link me on your blog under my own category. Maybe something along the lines of "Stark Raving Lunatics" or "Beer Fueled Pseudo-Sermons" or "Stark Raving Lunatics Delivering Beer Fueled Pseudo-Sermons".