09 May 2009

Army Officer Gets Booted For Being Too Gay

Call me crazy, but with Pakistan raging out of control and the Taliban fighting season ramping up in Afghanistan, now is not the time to be kicking out experienced officers like Lt. Choi. If The Sniper and Uncle Jimbo can get onboard with ending DADT, I bet you can too.


Lisa said...

Excellent observation from all.

If The Sniper and Uncle Jimbo see the hypocrisy of dishonorably treating those who serve us with honor, so can we all! Hallelujah, LT Nixon!

The Sniper said...

Damn. Am I becoming the litmus test for right-wingery or something?


(I'm still going to tell gay jokes though... I don't think anyone should be safe from mockery... including myself.)

Lisa said...

Humor is good, Sniper, esp. self-mocking humor. Life would be dull without it!

Yes, m'dear, you are among the (better-spoken) voices of the right. But I can see reason in there, yet :)

Joe said...

Unacceptable, if not from only a money standpoint. So much cash was spent for 1LT Choi's education and training and now that's for naught.

rangeragainstwar said...


Instead of clicking into the light, just click your scope a little more to the right (a joke). Having a gay on your sniper team could actually be the way to go. It could bring a whole new definition to "hold tight" on the target.