07 May 2009

Edwards Speechwriter Wonders Why There Aren't More Poverty Pimps in Politics

Is their anyone who doubts that John Edwards was nothing more than a sleazy, ambulance-chasing, political opportunist (who is now under federal investigation)? Wendy Button, last spotted defecting to the McCain/Palin campaign over her own disillusionment, seems to think that we need more like him, at least in ideas as opposed to morals. From Politico:

Until that detail is clarified, it is difficult for him to speak about poverty with any authority — and that is a very sad thing. Just a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of this book hoopla, John reached out to me to brainstorm about things he wanted to do for the poor. And we did; he truly cares about the issue. But where John was once part of the solution, right now, he and the story his wife is bringing back are a distraction.

Columnist Michael Goodwin writes that Edwards is “the phoniest man in American politics.” "The View’s" Joy Behar calls him “a dog.” And as the other critics hurl their insults, people forget that John was right about shining a bright light on the poor in this country.

Because here’s the real moral shame with this story: It has been nine months since Edwards put down his megaphone, and no one has picked it up.
I actually have a lot of sympathy for Wendy Button, because she seems like an idealist who actually gives a shit in wanting to eradicate poverty. But where do you draw the line in the progressive movement between genuine humanitarianism and low-life politicians fattening their coffers and skeezy lawyers running Mesothelioma ads on Oprah drumming up support for a class-action suit?

Detroit is one formerly-great city that has been led for decades by an entire group of John Edwards types campaigning on eradicating poverty, and the place is still royally fucked (sidenote: Pro-Business and ex-Piston Dave Bing won election as the mayor yesterday and maybe he can change things). That's probably why I strongly support non-profits doing the work of poverty eradication, but not politicians who seem to have a vested interest in keeping voting blocs pathetically dependent on government handouts as a way to stay in power.


CI-Roller Dude said...

I think it's because most of these political types are attornies...
They all develople a super sense of being more important than they really are, think that they can do whatever they want, are arrogant and just assholes.
What we need is more retired military people to run for offices... Not some asshole who spends more on making his hair look cute than most of use spend on our firearms.

Lisa said...

Per your last statement: I know it comes from a place of deep conviction, and I respect you for that. You are living your life per your morals, and if a civilian could render you a salute, I would.

Nixon said...

CI Roller Dude,

Just think about the kids who ran for class president in high school. Obsessed with their own self-image, self-righteous, egomaniacal cool kids, etc. Washington seems to be like the grown up version of that.