08 May 2009

Meghan McCain Graces Us With A Sex-Ed Lesson

Oh Noes! It's 7th-grade Health Class All Over Again

I understand that Meghan McCain is doing her darnedest to shed the social conservatism from the GOP brand (as a social liberal, I guess I respect that), but her latest at The Daily Beast that Republicans just don't understand humping is odd. Seems like her strategy of introducing silly characterizations of GOP and attempting to debunk it is just lazy writing.

She first talks about the abstinence in schools debate, which hasn't been a big issue for quite some time and was mostly concerning how children are taught sex-ed, then goes on to say that Republican women have a nasty stereotype that they are all prudes. Huh? From The Daily Beast:
Perhaps the worst sexual double standard in politics right now is that too many subconsciously believe Republican women are void of sexual desire altogether, never mind its consequences. A friend of mine, whose father is also a conservative politician, used to joke it would be easier for her be a lesbian because then there would be no risk of getting pregnant and having a resulting scandal.

I have always found this joke incredibly sad—for both of us. Because the GOP continues to struggle with open communication about serious issues most people deal with rationally, and on a regular basis. Unless we learn how to integrate that kind of discussion, our party will continue its descent into irrelevance.
So Ms. McCain wants the GOP to have frank discussions about getting it on lest they be cast as the uncool virgin party. With the exception of safe sex promotion to combat the public health crisis of AIDS, it's hard to understand why anyone, anywhere, would want creepy suits in DC educating the rest of us on Kama Sutra positions.

This represents a disturbing trend of political parties getting involved in everyone's personal life. I guess with Obama in charge, the sky is the limit for new rules and restrictions. If you don't believe in pre-marital sex and don't want to talk about, that your thing, and who are the rest of us to judge. Just do everybody a favor and stay out of bars at closing time, because you're messing up the ratio!


Lisa said...

Well, Ms. McCain has the "descent into irrelevance" part right, but her statement is otherwise largely incomprehensible.

I do not think anyone in the parochial US of A is gonna be talkin' Kama Sutra anytime soon, LT. We could, however, get past our foolish silence on some very serious topics, like AIDS awareness, as you mention.

We're not going to be handing out copies of the "The Story of O" (the other one), but we could inform students in health classes of how to protect themselves, when the time comes they do bump uglies. "Just Say No" is an abysmal failure. Something called biology gets in the way.

In an ideal world, families would take care of their youngun's needs. We do not live in an ideal world.

dutchmarbel said...

Since I allready mentioned that we were more outspoken than most other countries: this is a small video about how the Dutch do sex-ed in class. We have streams at highschool (three levels, A-level university preparation to mainly vocational education) and this is a class of approximately 13 year olds at the vocational level.

Of course talking and knowing about it doesn't mean that you have to practise it: it usually means that you are better prepared to decide wether you want to do something or not.

Nixon said...

I agree that AIDS is a significant enough epidemic that it's prevention should trump people's moral sensibilities.

Lisa said...

Most informative, dutchmarbel.

LTNixon: How could wanting to show students how to avoid being infected with HIV "trump people's moral sensibilities"?

Do you actually think there are people so mean-spirited that they would actually want someone to be infected with AIDS should they engage in sexual activity?