08 May 2009

TIME Takes Aim and Proclaims Death of the GOP

You just can't read a major publication without hearing about the GOP being in the shits. TIME has a pretty extensive article putting another nail in the coffin and it's filled with ridiculous stereotypes about anyone not agreeing with Obama's fiscal policy being a brain-dead rube. Check out some of this innuendo:

As the party has shrunk to its base, it has catered even more to its base's biases, insisting that the New Deal made the Depression worse, carbon emissions are fine for the environment and tax cuts actually boost revenues — even though the vast majority of historians, scientists and economists disagree. The RNC is about to vote on a kindergartenish resolution to change the name of its opponent to the Democrat Socialist Party. This plays well with hard-core culture warriors and tea-party activists convinced that a dictator-President is plotting to seize their guns, choose their doctors and put ACORN in charge of the Census, but it ultimately produces even more shrinkage, which gives the base even more influence — and the death spiral continues. "We're excluding the young, minorities, environmentalists, pro-choice — the list goes on," says Olympia Snowe of Maine, one of two moderate Republicans left in the Senate after Specter's switch. "Ideological purity is not the ticket to the promised land."
It's obvious that the GOP is in trouble because Bush was an unpopular president and Obama remains high on the cool-kid scale. So, I'm not sure why journalists feel it necessary to perpetuate dumb superstitions about conservatives being secretive Klansmen jerking off to Guns & Ammo. They must be going in for the kill.

Faithfully written from a bunker in my militia compound,


Lisa said...

"dumb superstitions about conservatives being secretive Klansmen jerking off to Guns & Ammo"

Yeah -- what's with that? Everyone knows it's Soldier of Fortune, duh?

Lisa said...

p.s. -- that is an impossibly painful photo.