25 May 2009

Unsurprising Gallup Poll Shows Military/Vets Mostly Republicans

The Pentagon tends to shy away from this type of polling, since keeping the military apolitical in the public's eye has been US policy ever since the days of the George Washington administration. But, up until now the only thing connecting the dots between military members voting Republican was an unscientific Military Times poll and a lot of empirical evidence garnered from gabbing it up with others in uniform. But, Gallup has released the results of an extensive poll involving 138,000 interviews of veterans, who they define as anyone who is serving on active-duty or who has ever been in the service.

Here's the breakdown by age:
Although the GOP has been sucking ass lately, they still have a lock on those in uniform, even with those youngsters who are supposedly all Obamatrons. Gallup provides a very thorough analysis, but even a bonehead could probably understand the logic that 1) The GOP has tried for decades to brand itself as the party of national security, and 2) People in the military probably give a shit about national security.

Not to say that you can't be a non-Republican in the military, but it seems to attract people with a more conservative outlook on life, just as something journalism or teaching tends to attract folks with a liberal outlook on life. Just the way it is.


Kat Argonza said...

I don't belong anywhere *cries*

I'm a liberal soldier.

A walking oxymoron.

Nixon said...

I wouldn't worry about it. THere's other issues besides national security y'know.

J. said...

I am not sure you're reading the Gallup Poll results correctly. What they say is that within a particular age bracket, military vets tend to be more Repub than nonvets. But if you scroll down, it shows 34% of vets to be Repubs and 62% to be independent or Dems. That doesn't support a statement that "military/vets [are] mostly republicans" or that the GOP has a "lock on those in uniform" - thank god. Just the way it is.

Wek said...

Has there been any polls conducted to see how many 'Colin Powell Republicans' are in the Military (Republicans that voted for Obama, that is)? I hit the Googles and didn't find any?

Nixon said...


Mostly republicans compared to Dems, check out the partisan gap on veterans vs. non-veterans.

Joe said...

Where's the Vets who don't give a shit political party?