01 June 2009

Bad Religion Predicted the Murder of Tiller in 1990

Hilzoy has some stuff on Operation Rescue, the pro-life group that may be wrapped up in the terrorist murder of Dr. George Tiller. And yes this could be classified as "terrorism" (heinous violence to create a desired political effect). Bad Religion actually had a song called Operation Rescue from their legendary 1990 album "Against the Grain" that has some bizarre symbolism today:

life ever-after is what they're in business for,
see them brandish the key to their kingdoms door,
it's persuasive, it's a part of you and me
but it's not overwhelming as they wish it to be,
if no one believed in fairy tales
there would be nothing they could do but
yet everywhere we look someone is trying to reassure our
moral benevolence
as a people,
operation rescue . . .
you may wonder where they come from,
but I just wonder what compels them all.

More:Dondero and TAH point out that opportunistic bloggers are saying this act is typical of the right-wing. Pretty low class.


Bag Blog said...

All wings have their nuts as do religions.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ultimately, everyone is responsible for his own actions. However, there are mitigating factors such as the mental status of a suspect.

However, there is a category of fighting words or inciteful speech which must be addressed. Those who "dream of riots", declare their political enemies are Worse Than You Know Who or they "pal around with do-mess-tick tear-a-wrists" or a "genocide" is being committed must be aware their phrases are not appealing to the higher brain area of their audiences but are emotional appeals designed to rile up their listeners. And the fact that there are persons who may be of diminished capacity who may be willing to use violence (because of a multitude of factors) ultimately means everyone must be aware of what effects their words or ideas may have on another.

Does this mean curbing speech? No. But it does mean recognizing everyone in the world is not a Randian Super Philosophizer able to deconstruct the highly nuanced or not so nuanced diatribe one has crafted.

Lisa said...

See the blog Graphic Firing Table for a good discussion of the matter.

A true Christian would not kill (violating a Commandment). Jesus offers no directive to kill or hate abortionists, or anyone, for that matter.

But martyrdom is seductive, esp. to one seeking his 15 minutes. (*See the origins of Christianity for proof.)