08 June 2009

Colbert in the Sandbox

Even though the Iraq war fell off in media coverage once relative peace and democracy broke out, our troops are still over there busting their ass wondering when they're going to get their orders to Afghanistan. So Colbert was kind enough to do a USO tour to Mesopotamia and revamp his website. While most Americans are spending their days strangely thinking that Obama is doing a "swell" job with our rapidly collapsing economy, maybe this Comedy Central extravaganza will remind people that, yes, we are in a time of war. From Military Times:

Colbert, who traveled to Iraq from Kuwait on Friday on board a military transport plane, has said he was spurred to make the trip when he noticed economic news coverage eclipsing reports from Baghdad.

The four shows, which were being taped in the domed marble hall at Saddam Hussein’s former Al Faw Palace, will air later.

Claiming the war must be over because nobody’s talking about it anymore, Colbert invoked the power of cable television to “officially declare we won the Iraq war.”
Unlike every other liberals on the internet and elsewhere, Colbert is actually funny when he parodies conservatism. Shows this week.


Mezzo SF said...

yea! I'm looking forward to this this week. Good job, Mr. Colber(t).

Wek said...

You're killing me, Nixon. Sadly, No! is classic wise-assery.

Gotta go. Time for Colbert.