19 June 2009

Obama Shuts Down the White House To Tackle Controversial Subject of Fatherhood

With regards to Iran in a state of revolution, North Korea threatening to nuke Waikiki, and US Forces pulling out of Iraq's cities, Obama has been more quiet than Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. But it's good to see our President not afraid to take a ding in his approval numbers and focus on the risque, political issue that's confronting this nation: being a dad. From AP:

In an unusual devotion of time for the president, Barack Obama is blocking out nearly an entire afternoon to promote the importance of being a good dad as a national priority...

...The day's events were intended to kick off a White House effort on fatherhood and mentoring. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will host forums around the country this summer and fall to gather ideas on good programs and to help promote them.
I never knew that having a good dad was important until the President told me! Yes, we can. In the future, the White House will devote an entire day to letting Americans know "Why you have to clean up your dog's poop" followed by "Why it's important to turn off your cell phone in the movie theater" and other issues of vital importance to national security.


membrain said...

Great post LT. First good chuckle of the day. I hope you are still enjoying exotic locales.

Take care

NateSF said...

This isn't the worst thing I've heard. If some of the baby boomers took being good parents to heart maybe the world would have turned out better than it is today.

The only way this would piss me off is if he tries to spin this off into how many kids grew up without a father figure present. If you watch MSNBC long enogh this weeekend. I'm sure that will come up eventually though.

Mr. Rush said...

How many good dads where there before this touchy feely generation arrived? If you ask someone over 65 what a good dad was, it was probably someone that worked all day and didn’t tolerate any mess. He fed, clothed, and spanked you.

Perhaps we should go back and bash them!