29 June 2009

Power To the People

From the always on-point Attack Cartoons

Lest we forget about the plight of Iranians during a barrage of croaked celebrities, it's very difficult to exercise any rights when the government has the ability to overpower its citizens with force. The Second Amendment enables the government to be perpetually afraid and mindful of its people and not the other way around. Certainly, non-violent demonstrations (MLK, Gandhi) are ideal, but in some cases, the people may have no other options. Shit, our country chucked the king out on his ass with violence for taxes that would seem benign nowadays. Look at what the Iranians have to deal with on a daily basis.


Xenocles said...

Non-violence only works in societies that are basically good. Imagine MLK against Hitler or Genghis Khan.

Nixon said...

Seriously. I mean MLK had to put with some bullshit, but nothing like what Persians have to put up with.