03 June 2009

Real Estate Agent Throws Raging Party At Home Being Sold

(photo credit: From the TSO estate in DC)

This is one way to promote publicity for your real estate agency that doesn't involve chintzy bench ads. From the Daily Mail:
After a heavy drinking session, Joseph Young, 23, collected the keys to the £650,000 house from his office so he and two friends could continue to party.

Once inside, the trainee estate agent and friend Bradley Conway, 23, ripped out door frames and smashed chairs, statues and picture frames. They poured Tipp-Ex fluid over duvets and damaged a vintage car in the garage.
Quick! Someone make this chap a British MP to bring some integrity back to their government.


LogicallyLocked said...

Damaged a vintage car!?! Aww man, throw that fucker in jail!

Ms. Kiyum said...

What do you think this guy's chances are of employment after this night of idiocy? This is way worse than the real estate agent who locked my friend's cats out of the room that held their food all weekend.