28 July 2009

Birther Nonsense Goes From Funny to Extremely Embarrassing

God bless America. It has has always had it's share of crazies. Just a natural by-product of a nation which honors freedom of speech that can actually provide some laughs after three beers. But there's a point when folks who might otherwise be considered political allies start to make you get a little uneasy. The Army guy (an junior officer no less) who demanded that President Obama show him his birth certificate was a punch in the face. But the fact that congress had to pass a resolution that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii shows this meme residing in the dark corners of the internet has gone too damn far.

I don't think that Obama was born overseas in the same way I don't think my little brother is secretly a robot, there's no rationale reasoning to come to either conclusion so I don't really think about it. National Review has an interesting editorial trying to distance themselves from birtherism like Harrison Ford distanced himself from the Star Wars Holiday Special:

Much foolishness has become attached to the question of President Obama’s place of birth, and a few misguided souls among the Right have indulged it.
There's a lot too criticize Obama about...a lot. Why choose this bullshit?


Nicholas Blendy said...

That's the great thing about America--no one side has the monopoly on crazy. Birthers are just the right's version of the left's 9/11 Truthers.

Whenever people start hyperventilating on either side about something the other side is doing to destroy America, I remember that we haven't taken machetes against our neighbors. And that makes me happy and puts things in perspective.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Next you'll be telling me the moon landing wasn't a hoax.

subrookie said...

Ms. Kiyum...you know it was all filmed in Vegas.

All this Birther stuff does is marginalize this minor group of conservatives. I hate Truthers, I guess I don't like these guys either.

Wek said...

The Dems dumped the Truthers onto the Green Party. The Republicans need a toxic waste site for their birfer freaks.

Average American said...

The one question I just can't overlook is "Why doesn't he just produce the damned thing and put the whole topic to rest?"

If this resolution passes, Hawaii may regret it in a few years when NObama is shown by history to be the worst President we have ever suffered through, and I am confident that history WILL prove that to be the case. I wouldn't want my state to be saddled with that dubious distinction.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's the Art of War. Attack Obama with everything rational reasons and irrational reasons. Never stop attacking, never truly distance themselves from any crazy accusation.

However, I think in the deep dark secret places in the evil corners of the minds of a very very few insane individuals the constant rhetoric serves a purpose.

That the both active and tacit support of the Birthers is a way to provide an unbalanced Birther an excuse to assassinate Obama. A reason, a rational a way for the person to believe they are freeing America from the clutches of a Tyrant. The grasp of a non-American Nazi-Obammunist.

To be clear there will be always a few individuals who suffer from some mental deficit who would try and kill an elected offical, but the constant Fox Propaganda seems to provide a raison d'etre or casus belli.

subrookie said...

"Fox Propaganda" enjoy that MSNBC dither then. I hear Rachel Maddow is "fair and balanced".