25 August 2009

Hulkamania Coming to a Town Hall Near You

David Weigel pokes fun, but I say that whenever a celebrity wants to get behind any type of conservative cause, they should be embraced. How many conservative celebrities are there? Ted Nugent, the other not-so-famous Baldwin brother, uh...that dude from Robot Jox, not many! From Guaranteed Lower Property Tax:

Dear Friend,
Have you noticed that in this down economy no-one is giving you a break? Trust me, I know what its like to be kicked when you are down but right now it is time for us to KICK BACK. If you are like me, you are SICK AND TIRED of the tax man taking way too much of your money! As a resident of Florida, I see the that real estate around me has gone down by like 50%, but has the tax bill? NO! Well, now it can. Now you can fight back. My whole life I have been fighting and this time I am fighting...FOR YOU! Me and my friends at Guaranteed Lower Property Tax are putting THE SMACKDOWN on disgustingly greedy Florida tax collectors. It is time someone stood up to them, and I am happy to be in your corner!

Simply enter your information below or call 888.331.1599, and we will share with you exactly how we guarantee that we can lower your property taxes! If we are unable to get you $995 in tax savings, we will give you a full refund.

Your partner in the fight against the greedy tax man,
Hulk Hogan
The Hulkster may have a slew of personal problems, but as long as he's not a 9-11 Truther douchebag like Jesse Ventura, I'm onboard.


subrookie said...

Jon Voight has always been one of my favorite conservatives. Well known and smart enough to debate the Hollywood crowd.

Xenocles said...

Also Tom Selleck and Bruce Willis. Kelsey Grammar too, I think.

Wek said...

Get out of the way Voight, Selleck, Willis and Grammar and let the Hulkster at em.

Here's what's crazy though - actually it's bullshit. When Florida's property values went up over the last few decades everyone screamed "no fair, I should only be taxed on what I paid for the house". So they changed it and only taxed the folks on the purchase price. But now that home values have decreased suddenly the old way wasn't so bad.

Sorry fellow FL residents, but we can't have it both ways. Well I guess we can at least try...

Nixon said...


That sort of attitude is going to earn ya a body slam from the Hulkster!

olgreydog7 said...

I would expect the Hulk to start that with "Dear Brother."

IRS Tax Lawyers said...

They changed it and only taxed the folks on the purchase price.