01 August 2009

PC Weenies in the Big Mango

Clip from the classic film PCU

Just when you thought you escaped the eggheaded busybodies in your home country that are quickly sending America down the tubes, you read about some non-Thai guy getting offended because he was called...a foreigner! I sure hope the ACLU has a chapter out here in Bangkok.

The Thai word "farang (ฝรั่ง)" means "Non-Asian Foreigner" and, being a white guy in an Asian country and not speaking the language well, that would be a pretty accurate description for me. But a gentleman on a Bangkok Post seems to take deep offense when someone states the obvious:
This and various other objectionable uses of the f word are endured by Westerners every day in the LOS. I loath and despise this word and know that many others feel the same way.

However I also know that Thailand is a developing country, and relatively speaking, is not very multi cultural. I should be patient someone may tell me. However is it too much to expect the English language press, the expatriate community, and the educated Thai classes to have an understanding of why most of the uses of this word are objectionable, so that when I explain to my partner why I don't want my daughter learning it, I can point to the fact that I am not alone?
Thailand's not "multi-cultural" enough? When Hillary was out here last week, he should've asked her to deploy a team of sensitivity czars to correct this problem.


subrookie said...

Hillary was too busy attending the World Screaming Championships in Thailand to care about this guy. WTF was that all about Nixon?

CI-Roller Dude said...

One of the problems with Amerikans...some of them are just big cry babies.

Nixon said...

This dude needs to stop being such a fucking pussy. That's the problem with being part of a minority community anywhere (just like being in the military), one jackass can make everyone look terrible.